Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to School (Intro to Ad Class)

So I suppose I should really get back to making a post everyday like I had been doing before.  It was quite relaxing to do!  By now I'm back at school after being home for six weeks for winter break.  Classes have only just started and already things have started to get crazy around here.

Through all of my posts before now I have only showed work that I have done previous to coming to SCAD for my BFA in Advertising.  I guess now is the magic moment that I want to start to share some of the things that I have done since I've been here.

Please don't mind that my projects I'm showing aren't corrected in the manner I really want to.  I have not had the time to be able to update everything and fix things since I've been done with them.  Hope you enjoy.    :]

colors are not as they appear in the origionals.

First project for Advertising when I came to SCAD.  We had to do an ad
for a dating website called DateCam.  The USP is their
ability to have people web cam with each other
before they meet so there's no surprises when you meet for the
first time on a date.  Still would like to fix up design issues with this.

First ad done on my own for SCAD.  Billboard design for a Wildlife Center
here in Savannah.  My USP was to learn things about the animals
you wouldn't know right away, like how the white wolf there is the
Alpha Male of the pack and is nine years old.  I would like to reword the headline since
I have been able to practice more with copywriting.

Magazine ad for a campaign done for Starbucks.  USP is the recycled cups.

Design for outdoor, this would be an insert for bus stops.

Shown in the environment it wold be in.  We'd have the option to
add on design details to the station to bring everything together
a little bit more.  Also placing a recycling bin in the station
to have a bin ready to recycle your new cups.

Web banner Ad for the campaign :]
(click to see animation)

I hope some of the things you saw were interesting.  I had a fun time making them all.    :]  Hopefully one day I'll be able to rework them and make them to their full potential!

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