Friday, July 15, 2011

Display Advertising II

Display advertising should be something that is interactive and interesting, but yet undisruptive to the content of the webpage the user is experiencing. In some cases, you can give the user the choice to experience something that can change the web page in an unique and interesting way only. These two examples are both ones that give the viewer a choice in if they want to interact with the ad of not.

Next I'll be showing examples of a homepage of a promotional minisite. Besides doing this for an assignment for my web class I'll be doing this to help out with my own webpage that I'm working on for a project. We've got most of the design down, but now we'll be starting to build them. I'll leave it as more of a surprise of what the subject is I choose. A hint though? It's historic advertising that didn't have a web page since it was too soon for the internet. Another hint, it's unlike any other cola. :]

Hope everyone's doing well. Enjoy the rest of your Friday!!
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