Sunday, August 28, 2011


Here's an awesome website promotion the adoption of dogs without a home. What's the best way to win someone over when adopting, finding a dog that looks just like them. :] This is what pedigee worked to do in their Doggelganger website. Here people have the option to either upload a picture of themselves or to take one live and have their facial features matched with a cute little pup who happens to look a lot like themselves. From there you're matched with a dog who's available for adoption and you even have the option to opt for adoption for the little guy. Not gonna lie, this website made my heart melt.

On a side note, please ignore my terrible appearance, it is due to it being finals week of my last week of college :D

But yeah, I tried different lighting and everything to see if I got a better match and it did help. So mess around with it, it's a lot of fun! Maybe you'll even find a little pup you'll fall in love with! :D hahah. If you'd like post your doggelganger for me to see! I'd love to take a look. :]

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