Thursday, August 25, 2011


Really interesting idea to literally show money being thrown out the windows. I wonder to myself though, were they really making the proper reach to the audience they intended, or were they too excited for free money? At least the point was put across through the PR and media coverage they were able to get.

Here's an explanation from ads of the world.

"Utility rates for heating and energy keep growing. Loosing warmth because of windows that are unadjusted to cold Russian winters, people waste money. REHAU windows save warmth and considerably save expenses for heating. Heating + enonomy = heatonomy. In our advertisement we decided to demonstrate how people waste money, literally throwing it out of their low-quality windows. In several big Russian cities every day during a week we were throwing real money out of the window of a billboard. There were stickers on the bank notes with stated amount of losses over a season. The promotion generated public excitement. More than 200 media (including the most popular TV channels, broadcasting stations, newspapers and web-sites) highlighted the event for free. On throwing 240 000 rubles (7000 $) we got free media for the amount that hundreds times exceeded expenditures for the audience over 40 million of Russians. The idea of heatonomy has spread all over the country."

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