Thursday, October 28, 2010

Graphic Design and Typography

So I guess today instead of going right into a showing more of my indesign drawings I'm gonna show some of my designs with type.  Remember, these are from my old classes, so really, not very good.  Still fun to look back to and see how far it has come.

My recreation of George Owell's 1984.  I made it the right
dimensions to fit over my copy of the book. :]

Design for a band called Underoath, for the song, "It's Dangerous
Business Walking Out of your Front Door."  Long title, I know,
but it's an AMAZING song.  This is also back in my Bleeding
Cowboys font days, before everyone and their parents started
using the type too hahah,

Second poster Design for the same song.  This one actually
won me an reward out of the department at school.  I got an
amazing typography book out of it called,
"Advertising Design and Typography" by Alex W. White.

In Flames song called "Cloud Connected."  Beautiful lyrics to an
awesome metal song.  Love, love, love!
 I'll be showing more of my art soon. :D  Just wanted to make a quick post since everything has been SOOO crazy lately and I haven't been table to.  Hope you enjoy!  Let me know what you think of it.

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