Saturday, October 30, 2010

Traditional Style Media Work

This blog is only to show my traditional style work.  I'm not very good at all at it, so please don't be too harsh because it's not really my thing haha.  But yeah I wanted to show everything I've done that I have pictures of for my traditional media drawings/paintings.  Hope they're not too bad.
My interpretation of a Chuck Close drawing.
Mine, before the final, against the real version of his drawing.
If you don't know him, you should google him.  His drawings
in real life are the size of house walls.  It's crazy.
 This was also my first time really using charcoal.
Church in Savannah for Drawing II.
After the one color pastel wash.
This sucked...I don't like it.  Except for the background
and the fabric.  I LOVE textures. :]  Oil pastels. you'll see my teacher likes clutter...I HATE clutter
but had to put it into the picture because he marked
people off two letter grades and admitted it was because
of his personal preference in not having every inch of the
drawing taken up by something.  *sigh* oh well.
The class is over and it came out alright.  This is the process.
This is the final product. Ink and ink water color wash.
detail of some of the textures I made. :D   Again, I LOVE texture.
I actually really enjoy painting, though I'm not very good.  This was a,
done in one sitting, painting I did for Ben kinda for a just-because kinda deal.  There's a lot
\of things I'd change, but still happy with how it came out even though
I didn't stress over it like I usually do with all my work.  Acrylic.
Water color painting I did back in high school.  You can see where I had a tree masked
for the last step so this isn't the final one.  This one was hung
 in the student counsel building of my school.
Final for drawing one I did.  Came out alright :D Charcoal.
Drawing two with the clutter man teacher hah.  Again, this isn't done
but I want to finish it sometime.  Pastels.
Another painting I did for Ben.  This was also the process.   Done in Acrylics again :]

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