Monday, November 1, 2010

Photography II

Since my last photography post had such good responses and views I decided to do another one since it's easy for me to post it and doesn't need much explaining (helps right now since there's not much time right now, ugh! Finals!)  Which leads me to say I feel bad I didn't get to post yesterday :[.  This past weekend was absolutely nuts!  I spent 8 hours Friday, 14 Saturday, and 11 yesterday only working on projects with my group for only one of my classes.  The time that was left in those days I was trying to get as much homework done for my other classes.  Nuts.  This has been an life draining weekend for sure lol.  Anyways, here's more of my photography.  Hope you enjoy :]

These are from the NY worlds archery shoot from 2009.

Love the levels and the shadows this picture created.  In my original it's
a little bit better but the colors change coming on here.

Put this in for laughs. :D  Loved this guy!

LOVE the contrast of scale in these two.

Bens bow after a long day :]


Old Orchard Beach :]

:[  Sad the colors aren't quite right :[

The Pier

colors! Nooooo!

Def one of my favs from this trip, it makes it that the children are playing :]

Someday I wanna be able to make a website to sell my pictures since I see some being sold online less than amazing o_O
Oh well, thanks for looking!!  Have a great day!

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