Sunday, November 7, 2010


So I've been completely gone for the past few days.  Mostly, it has been to work on UCO (Understanding Client Objectives) work.  We've been, more than anything, trying to work out the packaging, how it'll be set up, the size, the printing aspects, and of course design.  For any of those who may not know, the "product" is "Oscar Mayer Fish Dogs."  So basically hot dogs that are made out of fish that are cooked, eaten, and designed/marketed any way we wanted.  Our name for them are the Oscar Mayer Atlantic Sizzlers (previously Bay Franks), and here's an idea of our packaging (really only up here to update group members) :D


itty bitty mock up :]

as you'll see later, there is actually going to be a window
in the top flap of it to see through. :]

work station XP  gahhhhh!!
I thought this was a pic of the life sized one, but I'll
get a pic to show that later, it is on the table, but hard to see.

pain in the bum layout trial.  One of the other baby mock ups.

rough front with the window (also not with the folded
details on the bottom, will be like shown in the other mock.

inside flap

Back :]

Did I mention I have a SERIOUS love hate with packaging?? lol I LOVE to see it finished, and I can appreciate allllll of the hard work that goes into it, but my goodness!  So much work!

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