Tuesday, November 2, 2010

High School to Community College

Sooo, I'm getting impatient to show the things I have been working on lately as they have been progressing in class.  SO, in turn, I've decided to put pretty much all of the things that I did when I was in high school, and also when I went to community college in terms of design with photoshop and kinda things like that.  I have more from Community College but it's kinda just a different kind of thing I did with those, so I'm going to save them for later :]

Here we go though!

High School
(keep in mind this was the first time I've touched photoshop/design before :])

three bookmark designs we did for a contest for school.
kinda silly, but still love this :]
Did as my final for the design class.  Had to choose a teacher and ask them how
they'd like to see themselves in a picture.  My English teacher, Mrs. Erickson (at the time) had
said she wanted to see herself with the origional dracula, and with Grendel from Beowulf.
I remember being specifically excited for changing her bright red jacket to blue to go
with the color scheme, apparently quite the feat at that time lol.
We had to come up with a package design for something we made up.
I decided I wanted to make up a "Music Box" that could only be opened
once, and it was not what you'd normally think, but instead, it's for
musical inspiration.  That's why you could only open it once.  This is
what I always remember when I think of why I don't want to do Graphic
Design. lol  Dang boxes being so difficult! hahah 
School Musical poster.  Again, was very excited for being able to color the
images the way I wanted to (dress for instance.)
Coloring the pictures that are in black and white.  My momma
and my Aunt Mary Kay when they were little :]
Ideation for ipod posters.  I like the birthday one, and the one in the eye.

Community College 

Experimenting with illustrator again :]  This is my little
brother shane.
More experimenting, this time with Travis at a younger age :]
Redesign of the In Flames image on one of their CD covers.
Made everything in this magazine, even the made up company! hahah
I really loved doing this project, it was soooo interesting! 
It's so amazing to reflect and look back on where I came from and all of the different things I've learnt, ESPECIALLY since I've come to SCAD and have been able to learn from all of the teachers and people here.  I love growing as a designer and an artist, and I really look forward to growing even more for the rest of my life :]

Much love to everyone!

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