Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Super quick post.  This is kinda my preview to what I've been doing at SCAD.  I have a lot to do for today so I wanted to share and just kinda took pics with my comp camera lol.  Both of these you'll see more of when I actually start doing my blogs on just the things I've done at SCAD. :]
Ad got printed last night.  For Budweiser, a beer launching fridge competition.

Guess it's kinda hard to tell here.  One of my teachers handed back our graded assignment.
She left sticky notes in everyones to tell them where in certain places
in the book things should be changed, what their grade was etc.  I only had one note.
All it said was, "Can I borrow?"  :D  This made me, SO, happy!!

Gotta run!  Finals are getting to be in full swing.  Ahhhh!!! <3

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