Friday, January 14, 2011

Menu Design

So for one of my projects for school we have to take an old project and basically design a creative way, that applies to the product, to show the steps that we took in the making of the final product of the design.  My idea was to make a wine menu.  In ideal conditions I had really wanted to have a leather bound booklet.  Under the circumstances I had to keep to what I have available to me in terms of supplies to the historic district of town.  Here is what I've done for the design of what the printed things will look like.

I actually started off with a moleskin drawing notebook.  I was
able to deconstruct it and get rid of the binding and pages.

The outside will remain simple and black for now.
If I find something in town I may try and see if I can make the outside
be a faux leather.

Decoration, but also hides imperfection in taking
the string out of the spline of the book in deconstruction.

With a bland outside I really wanted to see if
it would be a nice touch to have the inside really pop.
The concept behind the product, fat bastard wine is it's the
anti-snooty-wine.  I wanted the whole idea of a wine
menu to be a contradiction to the product.  Thus,
the copy is going to read for instance, on the opening page
there's a bold title, "This is not your typical wine Menu."
Making the book itself look fancy and high class is my goal
to further the irony of the product it's selling.

With the notebook I have a pocket that's located in the back.
I haven't decided if I am going to be able to use this
or if I really want to or not, but I did think it was good
to keep it open.  We shall see!

Hopefully I'll be able to find more supplies to be able to further the concept.  I'll be adding more on what I'm going to do for the print outs and stuff later too :].

Hope everything is well for everyone.  Thank you for reading!

Updated :  The final product photographed.

This picture is the truest of colors showing the final design,
the second I manipulated to see if it could give a different feeling.
The purpose of the "wine menu" is this would
be a creative tool in showing the client the progress in the
work for the project, and also a way to show the finished product.

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