Friday, January 14, 2011


Here's an assortment of all different things I've been doing since I've been to SCAD.  Everything probably needs to be reworked, I will be updating later when that happens.

Wedding Card for my beautiful friend Michelle <3

Showing the main point of the passage literally.  Positioning the word
on the bottom right side of the pg is the position where people
turn the page and makes it so they notice it for sure.

The actual book photographed.

Ad for Heinz spicy ketchup.  Had been making a whole
image similar to this in photoshop, then found basically
this one.  After manipulations to make it a
better design for what I needed, here it is.  Was for a class, and
no trying to cause problems with the photo owner <3.

Ad for Budweiser, supposed to imply that Bud was
associated with football and you could
win the beer launching fridge.  I really, really want
to rework this one since I think it could be really good :]

Showing emotion through font with the words Optimus Prime
says at the end of the second movie.   

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