Sunday, January 16, 2011

Starbucks Ready Brew Coffee

Wanted to have my first post showing the progress of something.  This is gonna be quick since I am soooo behind on my work :[  Here we go though, Via Ready Brew coffee from Starbucks.  The idea is everyone can drink it essentially.

Magazine insert.  This is what it will look
like when it is completely expanded.  Please ignore
the copy since I haven't worked on that, only art direction.

this will print on the back of the yellow last page and there
will be more showing than this, hasn't been
designed yet though.  Just wanted to show that when the
insert is closed together, this will almost look
connected to the front page.
Hope you like, sorry I can't explain much or talk about it much.  Just wanted to show what I have.  Hope you all are well!! :]

Update 3:17am 1/17/2011

Just wanted to post my second concept.  The design isn't well worked out, but you basically get the idea.  Simply loose the brewer, you're not gonna need it anymore.

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  1. Thats funny! Lose the brewer! Love it , actually both!!!